Your Song!

First of all,

THANK YOU! So many people did some AMAZING videos. I was reading the descriptions of these videos, and a lot of people spent hours and hours editing the videos!

I urge everyone to check out all the responses here, a total of 578 after I deleted a couple videos that didn’t use any samples. Soon, I will contact everyone who entered (by YouTube message) and will be sending them a little prize :)

I had been watching them as they came in, and watched them all again last night. I couldn’t pick my top 10 favorites… it was just impossible!

So, I picked 50 videos which, in my mind, were equally awesome! The top 10 were randomly picked from these 50 awesome videos!

In no particular order, here are the finalists. You can click here to see the full videos or watch the clips below:

[poll id="2"]

Congrats to TelevizorPro for making the winning video! He and I will be collaborating to make a brand new video that will go up on my channel!


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